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B.H. Roberts in disguise

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BH Roberts in disguiseIf you don't tell me about it, I don't put it up on this site. I am open to feedback on how to improve this site (especially when links are broken), so contact me at:

Requirements for submissions:

This site summarizes Events and Calls for Papers on Mormon Studies. In order for me to include something on this site, the submission should have somewhere for me to link to. I have friends at blogs who have mentioned that they would be happy to post such information, so email me and I'll help you get the info out.

What I won't link to:

  • Conferences where Mormonism and scholarship are both secondary to the purposes of the gathering (ie. political, humanitarian, personal development, fellowship, etc.)
  • Firesides, devotionals, and other gatherings of local religious congregations (with some exceptions for scholarly presentations, it doesn't hurt to ask I guess)
  • Family History/Genealogy Conferences
  • Missionary or other types of reunions
  • Conferences whose purposes are hostile towards normative Mormonism

My name is Kent White by the way, and I am completely responsible for everything on this site (especially if you dislike something about it). If you do like the resources here, thank Ben Huff for the idea to create it.